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I met Doctor Neela Sheth at a workshop during a yoga festival in Gland back in 2016. At that time I had huge hormonal imbalances which also affected my digestion. My belly was in a constant bloating state and I haven’t had my periods since 2 years by then.

I remember I kind of lost the hope that somebody could help me since I went to see many different doctors before seeing her.

When I met Neela, it was like finally somebody really understanding my problem, listening to my whole story and really taking the time to help me hit the root of it all.

Long story short: After seeing her, in just 3 months my periods were back in a perfect way and a month later I even got pregnant.

Neela definitely has a special place in my story, back to my womenhood and into motherhood. I will always be greatful for her wisdom.

- Manuela

For about 30 years I suffered of frequent migraine attacks. Its several years that I follow Dr. Neela Sheth. I followed her advices on ayurvedic herbal treatments, nutrition, lifestyle changes and more.

Ayurveda is more than nutrition. It provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle intervention and natural therapies.

My migraine attacks became less and less frequent and practically disappeared. I keep following her advices for regular treatments on immunity boosting or rasayana and other cures on seasonal changes.

I am now 74 years old and intend more than ever to be healthy and fit.

- Heidi

I have polyarthritis since 2012. Polyarthritis which has evolved into spondylitis. For 6 years I took drugs that did little pain relief and with which I had a lot of unwanted side effects. Then, 2 years ago I stopped all these chemical treatments and I started Ayurveda with Dr Neela Sheth. Thanks to her help, her knowledge, her kindness, natural ayurvedic treatments based on plants and spices, thanks also to her colleague Nuno, who provides wonderful ayurvedic treatments, such as massages with ayurvedic oils, I got better results than ever: less pain and more mobility. I am very graterul for their help and i will continue to follow her excellent advice and care until, I hope, a complete recovery.

- Amanda

I found myself, at the age of 22 with almost no energy, constantly panicked and anxious, and so used to pain either in my head, my stomach, or somewhere else entirely, that I had forgotten what it was to simply be happy and free. As 22 years old should be. And then I started to see Neela, and things finally clicked into place. I had been working hard to sort out what was wrong with me for a while, but it was only when I spoke to Neela and started implementing her simple but unbelievably effective advice that all of that work finally began to make a difference. She is not only a wonderfully patient listener, but has such a way with words that even the most complex of concepts and practices become easy to understand.

- Vero

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