Traditional panchkarma therapies






Panchkarma are one of the important treatment programs in ayurveda. Panchakarma are the different therapies used by the Ayurveda doctors for cleansing the excess doshas and correct imbalances and eliminate the harmful ama out of the bodies systems, the body’s organs and channels(strotasa). After making the diagnosis the individualised plan of treatment is planned and the panchakarmas are performed in combination with medicinal plants, nutritional advices and lifestyle modifications.

The panchakarmas are also part of the various rejuvenation programs.

Kati basti is a treatment for the management of lower back problems..The back aches, Lumbar spondylitis, Prolapsed Inter Vertebral Disc,sciatica and more. Kati means the waist and. Kati Basti is meant to retain medicated oils on the lunbar region.

Pinda sweda therapy is massaging with warm pouches(prepared with herbs, milk, rice and other herbs) over your entire body using specific strokes.

Shirodhara- the terms Shiro means head and dhara means unbroken flow, and therefore the treatment Shirodhara means an uninterrupted flow of medicated oil poured over the head. Shirodhara treatment is beneficial during stressful or anxiety related periods. Shirodhara harmonises the functional integrity of the three doshas and in turn relieves from stress.

Swedana is the inducing sweating for therapeutic purposes. This may be used either for the promotion of health or for curing illness.

Abyanga- Abhyanga has been considered as an important part of the external Snehana. It produces relaxation of soft tissues and relives the pain. Abhyanga causes relaxation to mind, useful in the treatment in pain management. Decreases the effects of aging, bestows good vision, nourishes the body, increases longevity,benefits sleep patterns,benefits skin,strengthens the body’s tolerance.

Nasya( shiro virechan)- The nose is the door to head. Medications that are administered viathe nasal passages affect the mind, prana vata, tarpaka kapha, sadhaka pitta, and majja dhatu. Ayurveda has the Nasya therapy important therapy for problems of head region.

Kansu is foot massage practiced with a small bowl called kansu and ghee.

Udavartana is a process of massaging the whole body below the neck with combination of powder of herbs in the direction,from extremities to heart.

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