Since I know myself, I always found myself working towards health and happiness. As a child I always saw myself as a doctor when I grow up, listening to patient’s problems, offering them solution and bringing smile to their face. Ayurveda the time-tested holistic medicine from my country of origin was an obvious choice for me! I fell in love with Ayurveda while studying Ayurveda during my university studies. Further I completed my masters MD and started my mission towards healing and happiness.

Since then last 15 yrs, I am working as an Ayurvedic doctor. I founded ‘ayurvedkalp’ my ayurveda practice in Pune. After few years of practice, my destiny brought me to beautiful Switzerland, with my husband and my daughter.

With this move, I introduced my Ayurveda practice "Ayurvedkalp", in Lake Geneva region. I am practicing here for last 11 yrs. I registered myself for various accreditations and recognition of complementary medicines like RME and ASCA. I am also an active member of Ayurveda association of Switzerland – VSAMT and ASMA.

In 2019 I received my federal diploma – Naturopathe en medicine Ayurvedique. One more step towards my mission of promoting healing and happiness around me. Now more people can benefit from Ayurveda using their complimentary health insurances.

I help people who are suffering from various health issues especially digestive disorders, lifestyle disorders, women health, stress related problems and many other chronic disorders.

My mission with Ayurveda is stronger now and I have decided to work for promotion of Ayurveda in the alpine country. I organise many seminars and conduct workshops for awareness of health through Ayurveda. I am promoting Ayurveda together with various intitiatives under Ayush (Government of India) and permanent mission of India, Geneva, and Indian embassy in Bern.

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