Prana - Vitality health coaching with ayurvedic principles

Prana is the life-force, the vital energy we need to enhance our well-being, rejuvenate our body, maintain stamina and access our consciousness.

In this program we work to awaken your body intelligence, agni and ojas. As a result, the body will start to detox, strengthen, be more conscious and energetic.

The program consists of detox and panchakarma plan as per individual requirement, manuel therapies-ayurvedic massages, food and nutrition plan, food medicine plan,yoga self-care practices, lifestyle enhancement(mind -body) to manage stress and fatigue,more followup- sessions if needed.

The programme is for all those who see the value in taking steps, to progress with their health goals.

Do not hesitate to ask more or book an appointment to understand more about the program.

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