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Ayurveda teaches that the health of our digestive system determines our health and wellbeing. Hence, it is a core area of work of a Ayurveda doctor. The treatment of digestion and related problems is our main focus.

Healthy digestion means we are able to use the food we eat to make our body and mind. A bad digestion makes a bad body and mind (unhealthy) When digestion is weak, the tissues of your body, such as muscle, blood and organs and systems become weak and susceptible to disease

We are what we eat, and digestion is the process which transforms food into our body (dhatus). Agni (digestive fire) is responsible for the transformation. Agni is vital to our life!

Our digestion is not only dependent on what thing we are eating but on all the factors such as what we eat(ingredient), how we process our food, how we eat, when we eat, our food habits determines our digestive health and in term our overall health.

The root causes of many health problems especially the life style disorders lie in our digestive health. I would say problems like diabetes, heart issues, cholesterol issues, intestinal syndromes, diverticulitis, arthritis, migraines and many more diseases have their roots in digestive health.

Out gut is kind of our other brain. Also, our brain has a direct impact on our stomach and intestines. There is a two-way connection and hence the psychological(mental) health can have roots in digestion and our stress related problems can provoke digestive imbalances. Therefore, the maintaining a healthy digestion is must for both our mental and physical health.

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