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In today’s world we are facing new challenges for health because of our changing way of life. Our modern-style of life driven by economies and work-lives are increasingly having a negative impact on our physical, mental, social and spiritual health. This in turn is manifesting as various lifestyle disorders, chronic diseases and symptoms such as burn-out, anxiety, loneliness for which we do not have magic pills!!

Ayurveda helps to addressing these issues. Ayurveda is a complete systematic approach to health & wellbeing. It helps people of all ages who are ready to take steps on the path to healthy long life.

The two very basic aim of Ayurveda are, firstly, to maintain the health(mind-body) of a person (salutogenese) and secondly to cure the health problem of the diseased. The Ayurvedic approach to health care is focused on not only identifying & treating the symptoms of an illness but determining & removing its root cause.

Do you have any of the following issues?

Digestion – Constipation, irritable bowel, bloating, indigestion and all problems originating from weak digestion. Digestion is very important aspect of health. We receive energy from any thing we eat only if we digest it well, so weak or improper digestion leads to many health issues. Ayurveda treats all such problems.

Healthy Weight – effective weight loss, stabilizing underweight conditions

Stress, fatigue– how to handle stress and protect your body and mind from its negative effects

Sleep – waking up in the middle of the night or difficulty falling asleep

Respiratory – frequent colds, chronic congestion, respiratory allergies

Migraine- chronic migraines, tension headaches

Joints – Pain, stiffness, and related problems

Life style disorders- type 2 diabetes, liver problems, obesity ,allergies, heart problems, respiratory issues, chronic stress and metabolic syndromes.

Old-age related problems

For beautiful body and radiant skin

Women health- menopause support, pre-menopausal syndrome, dismenorrhoea and more

You may contact us to discuss more about your problem and treatments.

Ayurveda also works for prevention of many diseases: Rejuvenation programs to maintain and restore good health, boost immunity and increase longitivity of life.

Complimentary Ayurveda – different kind of supportive treatments and therapies to help cancer patients.

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