Mint, Food medicine provided by nature in Spring!

Spring is almost here and whats springing in our in our gardens and pots now is Mint.

The nature provides us food to survive and nourish. We are part of nature and a natural foods or whole foods that is fresh whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans and legumes etc have been provided for us by nature to survive and nourish. They are perfect foods capable of providing all nutrients, vitamins and energy needed for our survival.

Mint is known for its effect on stomach aches and indigestion. Mint with its properties removes the factors that block the fine channels and thus, cleans the channels in all our systems. It is also fresh and tasty !

Use mint in your teas, pesto, lassi and to garnish your rice and delicacies.

Keep it real, keep it simple. Looking at food as a whole like a apple is a apple (not calories, vitamins etc) simplifies our quest of healthy foods. Eat a variety of foods from nature and stay healthy!


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