Course- Ayurveda from original texts, Part 1

Rejuvenate your perspective of Ayurveda, enhance your understanding, and begin learning Ayurveda from original texts


Neela Sheth, MD (Doctor of medicine Ayurveda), University of Pune India.

Naturapath with Diploma Federal in Ayurvedic medicine, Swiss

Course description and objective-

This course is designed to facilitate the classical Ayurveda learning for committed practitioners/therapists of ayurveda. Studies are rooted in classical Ayurvedic texts, explained applied aspect to current Ayurveda practice.


  • Develop deeper knowledge of theoretical and applied aspects of Ayurveda - dosha dhatu mala vidnyana. Get to know Vaghbat , Astang Sangrah as primary source of ayurveda
  • Learn to understand Ayurveda directly from Sanskrit sutras.
  • How to look at the patient from tridosha aspect.
  • To develop terminology in Sanskrit for better understanding of Ayurveda.
  • Course content-

    Study will be based on Based on Charak sutrasthana and Astang Sangrah Sutrasthana , by Vagbhata.

    How Dosha, dhatu and mala makes the body, what are the symptoms of dosha vriddhi (excess) and kshaya,( deficient) and dusti (viciation) of dosha and how to interpret them in body.

    No of hrs- 4 hrs (of 60 min)

    Eligibility for course:

    Basic knowledge of Ayurveda, Ayurveda therapeutes , Yoga therapeutes,

    Language- English/ français

    Upon completion of course, a certificate will be issued, which you may submit for consideration of ‘Formation Continue (FC)’.

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