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Conducted by Dr Neela Sheth

Spice time – free workshop

The food medicine workshop
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Venue: Av de la gare 10, Rolle

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Traditional Indian Style Yoga Lesson
Every Thursday, 6 pm to 7 pm
Avenue de la gare 10, Rolle

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Learn ayurveda

Learn from original texts
Date: To be announced

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Our workshops and courses are specifically designed for small group of individuals who are interested in learning ayurveda’s approach to different health problems and to adopt holistic lifestyle in their day to day approach as well as extend this healthy living principle to their extended friends and family.

Topics of special interest groups like understanding and managing menopause ,women health, arthiritis and its cure, digestion and elimentation etc are specifically designed for people who want to take steps towards natural healing and holistic approach to make positive changes for their health and well being.

The ayurveda cooking workshop focuses on indepth benefits of freshly cooked food , easy & quick recepies, healthy food choices and much more. Eg.preparation of ghee or use of whole food and more.

Spice time free sessions offered by us for all of you who want to discover the use of spices as a food medicine and also how to use the spices.

Our yoga sessions are.designed for our patients who are strugling to find balance in life and work on stress and other factors effecting their emotional aspects in life !

Learn ayurveda course :Lot of therapists, nurses, doctors, individuals have shown keen interest to learn ayurveda for whom i have started basic ayurveda learning courses from original texts. I am working with accrediation agencies to qualify these courses for continuous education credits for therapists and other health practioners.

I am open to any suggestions for your private group or individual sessions. Please write to me with suggestions and your needs.

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